Beauty within a Bus Ride?

Beauty within a Bus Ride?

The bus is “a whole different world. It’s so forgotten and put to the side by everyone it’s passing, which is cool in a way. I like not being at the center of attention and just pass through life while other people pass me,” he said. 

This quote comes from an interview by Francesca Mathewes with Davon Clark about his poem 'Praise to the Bus Ride'. He speaks with fabulous lyricism about his bus commutes.....

It’s not just the moment of orbiting one another’s thoughts on the bus that feels so powerful and connective, “especially when you’re alone,” Clark said. The questions and possibilities of what happens to someone when they step off the bus unsheath new layers of wonder on the average morning commute.

“It’s so wild to think that there’s so many stops on a bus route, and someone’s not necessarily gonna get off at every single one, but damn near,” he said. “That’s just so many places people are going! Because then, what other buses, what other things generally, are they going on to? It’s a fun part of my day to think about that.” 

The bus – for all of its stopping and starting, express runs and neighborhood routes, is one of the only places where you have just as much of a chance of running into an old friend as you do learning something new from a stranger. It’s a place where, above all, we witness people at some of their most human moments in public: going to or coming from.

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