My inspiration

My inspiration

My Dad, Dave, had a life-long interest in how to get from A to B using the most cost effective, fuel efficient modes of transport. His bicycle was obviously top of the options to achieve this (zero cost / zero fuel) but buses and trains came pretty close ... and allowed for eating sandwiches and cake whilst travelling in relative comfort and at reasonable speed with an Ordnance Survey map on his knee to keep an eye on the route and spot places of interest. 

My dad was diagnosed with cancer in August 2022 and underwent a series of invasive surgeries and debilitating treatments. Through all this, he continued to ride his electric bike up to his allotment, travel by train and bus to see me in Bristol or my brother Sam in Glasgow, as well as many other public transport adventures.

In fact, in my Dad's last week of life, he decided to take journey by bus and train to make a visit to my Mum's grave. He chose to live life his own way right to the end. 

This art project is an idea I am excited to share with you; to celebrate this aspect of my Dad's life and spread his belief that so much more can be gained from travelling by public transport- not just driving our cars from place to place, following a Sat Nav.

Join in. Decide on a place to go or a route to follow and see what happens. What will you see? Notice? Experience? Will it allow you to share the journey with others in a way that you wouldn't have expected? Will your route offer you the chance to see the world differently? 


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